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Read answers to frequently asked questions or contact us to ask more.

Who owns

The domain and brand are owned by Grafenia plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

What would I be licencing?

We are licencing country sub-domains of the main top-level domain. For example, for Spain and for Portugal.

Only one sub-domain per country is available.

Can I licence a folder on the top level domain?

If you prefer to licence a sub-folder on the top level domain (such as, that may be possible, subject to technical restrictions.

Do I have to use the website/platform?

No. We are offering flexible licence terms. Please tell us what you'd like to do with the domain and we will consider reasonable requests.

Do I have to follow the business model? operates different models in certain countries already. You do not need to follow the existing business models. We are open to partnerships with entrepreneurs who have a different vision for the use of the brand in their country.

Can I have access to marketing collateral? has a rich library of marketing collateral, for both offline and online use. The collection has over a thousand posters, mailers, samples and eshots.

Access to this library is available, subject to our brand licence agreement.

How many licences will be granted?

Only one licence will be granted per country or sub-domain. If your country is unavailable, please contact us to join our wait list.

Which countries are unavailable?

The following countries are either unavailable or have options reserved: Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom and part of the USA.

Can I use the brand however I like?

We are flexible in the terms we will grant. However, you will be bound by a licence agreement which will set out what you can and cannot do.

Do I have to use the brand and logo?

If we opt for a simple redirection, then no. However, if you choose to host a site on the domain then you will agree to use the logo and brand styles.

How long is the licence agreement?

Licence agreements can be between one and ten years, depending on your business plan and circumstances.

What's the process?

Please contact us to get started and have a no obligation discussion about how you'd like to use the brand.

If we agree with your idea, we'll ask you to make an offer for the exclusive use of the domain and brand in your country.

At that point, we'll ask you to pay an option fee of USD 7,500 / EUR 7,000 to reserve your country for 90 days while a licence agreement is prepared. The option is non refundable but is offset against your initial licence fee.

You will be appointed a named Platform Mentor who will guide you through the process. They will make sure that technical aspects are agreed, allocated and assigned to people in your team and ours.

Once your licence agreement is executed, your country will go live as agreed.

Will I get email addresses to use?

You can rent individual email addresses for your team, subject to payment of an annual fee per account, per year.